Monday, January 19, 2009

Education Cuts tough, but manageable Cox says.

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox

State School Superintendent Kathy Cox says Education cuts in the state budget will have little impact in the classroom.

Speaking to a joint house and senate education committee Kathy Cox outlined her department’s priorities for a year with education cuts expected to top 400 million dollars. Cox says school boards will get some leeway in how they spend state money.

For example graduation coach funding could go to other school needs and classes can be slightly larger. This flexibility Cox says should see schools through the economic downturn with little interruption.

"I think it would mean slightly more students in a class," Cox says. "But for most students I don't think they’ll see much difference."

Cox says she support the Governor’s efforts despite a tight budget to push for a merit pay system for teachers and bonuses for high performing principals. She’s also pushing higher salaries for math and science teachers, because she says Georgia Desperately needs them. Cox will outline more details about education budget next week during budget hearing.

-By Susanna Capelouto

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