Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Budget Cuts And Money For Homeowners

The state budget shortfall is growing as Governor Perdue signs a bill giving homeowners property tax relief for this year.

Governor Perdue agreed today to give the $200 to $300 dollar grants for now.
But they won’t be there next year unless the state has a surplus.

Perdue says the state can afford the grants this year because of the economic stimulus package.

But the governor also adjusted revenue projections for the year saying they are down an additional 450 million dollars over the 2.2 billion dollar shortfall already in the budget.

Perdue sais he will take 200 million out of the state rainy day fund to shore up his priorities.
They include public safety, healthcare and education.

The governors is ordering state agencies to cut spending by an additional 1 percent.

Many are already furloughing employees as they had to cut of up to 10 percent this years.

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