Monday, March 30, 2009

Group Urges Lawmakers to Fix Transportation Before Time Runs Out

Local governments leaders, businesses owners and environmentalists all came together Monday in Atlanta, urging lawmakers to cross the finish line and pass some kind of transportation reform.

The Get Georgia Moving coalition is a group of about 100 businesses and local governments from across the state. Members of the group came to the Capitol to try and push legislators to fix the state's crumbling transportation network before time runs out in the session. Lawmakers only have two more days left.

House and Senate leaders are still at odds over how to govern and fund the transportation overhaul. House lawmakers are pushing for a statewide penny sales tax while Senate leaders prefer a regional approach to funding. And Governor Sonny Perdue's plan to create a new state agency to oversee transportation projects appears to be fading.

Doug Hertz is co-chair of Get Georgia Moving coalition. He says it doesn't matter which plan passes. His group just wants both sides to come to some type of an agreement - and fast.
"We're on the one yard line. We have got to cross the finish line. We've got only a couple more days left to get that done."
The last day of the session is scheduled to be Friday.

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