Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sunday Sales Bill Dries Up After Withdrawal

The chance of buying alcohol on Sundays in Georgia is drying up.

Today a Senate committee was set to take up a bill that would've let voters decide whether to allow Sunday alcohol sales in their communities.

But bill sponsor Seth Harp suddenly withdrew the bill. He says it simply didn't have enough votes to pass out of committee.

"I think there were the forces there that wanted to do it in, and we didn't have the numbers."

Even though the bill is now dead, supporters like Kathy Kuzava with the Georgia Food Industry Association weren't too worried. She says the amount of public support behind legislation like this shows that Georgians won't let the idea lay to rest.

"We will definitely be back to fight this issue because again as you know the polling is coming across is overwhelmingly in favor of... local option for Sunday sales."

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